JUNJI KUMANO / 熊野淳司 / くまのじゅんじ

熊野淳司 / くまのじゅんじ


Born and raised approx 50 kilometers south of tokyo in a small surfing town named fujisawa. I started surfing at age 17 and was hooked ever since. The local-name of my home ground is called shonan and we have many mello reef and surf breaks. At age 21, I witnessed my first longboard barrel ride and decided that I wanted to savor those images forever. Shortly after that, I visited Bali and witnessed the terror incident, needless to say but that made me realize that lifes to short not to live your dream and so I started in photography. Upon graduation from college, I attended photography school here in Japan. I went on from there to work in fashion design and photo studios. In 2008, I became a photographer. Starting in december of 2009, I stayed in New Zealand for 1 year and 3months to study surfing and photography.Coming to know the fun of the outdoors and walking the mountains in New Zealand, when I returned home, I widened my field to include works of the sea and the mountains.



2014 patagonia (yokohama)

2015 Natural Law (shounan)

2016 Fujisawa City Art Space (fujisawa city)